Minecraft OST – Calm 3 (Sweden)

I’m not dead!

I know I haven’t posted anything in a while, but I was busy with life. School restarted after holidays and they “took it up a notch”. (No pun intended.)
Also, I’ve been working on a gaming site, which has also made me tired a few times.

Wanted to upload a video last weekend, but wasn’t able to. Most likely there’ll be one up next weekend, but no promises!

Currently working on: Fi’s Lament, Gourmet Race, Dragon Roost Island (just started)… still looking for sheets for the other Minecraft songs.

Anywho, this video is an old video, Calm 3 (Sweden) from Minecraft. This isn’t the best rendition of it. I’m sure I could get a better recording if I tried and had the time, but yeah.

Please enjoy this newly posted old video 😛

For those who want the sheets, they can be found here amongst other video game sheet music!

P.S. … Just wanted to see if you’d read this.

Hal 2 – Minecraft (Piano)

Hey guys, I know I haven’t posted anything in a while… yeah. I only do new videos when I feel I have a good cover of a song. I prefer quality over quantity.

… Let’s get to the song:
The song is from Minecraft, which makes this my third Minecraft song that I’ve uploaded. Got this one from SebastianWolf/German Seabass.

The arrangements he made are really close to the originals (which weren’t on Piano) and even achieve (practically) the same sound.

This song was played for about 4 weeks (might have been more) before I uploaded the video, just to give ya some insight.

As usual, here’s the song:

Minecraft OST – Piano 2 (Wet Hands)

Hey guys,  hope you all had a Merry Christmas and already have something planned for New Year’s eve! I, myself, don’t have a lot planned. Gonna spend the evening relaxing and watching the Fire Works.

The song I’m gonna share today is Piano 2 (Wet Hands) from the Minecraft OST. I’m an avid Minecraft player myself and am glad that I have bought the game.
This nice song was composed by C418… to be honest, I really like it.

For those who want the sheets, they can be found here amongst other video game sheet music!