Valse in A minor B.150 – Chopin

I like waltzes. Really, they’re fun to play and almost as much fun to dance.

This was supposed to be a gate-way into playing some more music from the romantic era, but… it’s hard to have the same amount of motivation for these pieces than for pieces from other media I enjoy. Just, having more of a connection with the piece helps.
As I get older, it does get easier to connect with classical music (in the broad sense), but still not as easily as with video game music

Next upload will be from a video game, probably Xenoblade, but we’ll see 🙂

Pachelbel Canon in D Major on Piano (Lee Galloway Arrangement)

One of the pieces that nearly every musician knows and adores.

I’ve known the Pachelbel Canon for a few years and played variations of it in various school bands and stumbled upon this arrangement a few years back via a YouTube video.

Website of the arranger:

There’ll be another “traditional” cover after this one, after which it’s back to my video game / anime covers.


Wiosna – Katawa Shoujo

It may not be Spring* now, but I had to just cover this piece at some point after loving Katawa Shoujo

* Wiosna is Polish for ‘Spring’ –  if you’re Polish, please confirm this or correct me if I’m wrong.

I remember playing this game on a recommendation from a friend. Always thought I may enjoy Visual Novels, but never actually got started on playing.
Katawa Shoujo managed to get 3 routes (read: playthroughs) out of me and every time upon starting there would be this piece.

To be honest, the rest of the music was pretty unremarkable, unlike the story which was uniquely written and quite mature for what it is. Looking back, I’d like to revisit the game again after all these years and see how much my perspective on life might have changed.

Having played Doki Doki Literature Club, I was reminded of this game and started working on the piece again.

Best girl in Katawa Shoujo is Hanako – fight me!

The next video should for once be something not from a game, but instead something a bit more traditional.


Enjoy! 🙂

Beneath the Mask on Piano – Persona 5

Back with another Persona 5 Upload. Really enjoyed the game and can whole-heartedly recommend it to everybody. The next piece will probably from Katawa Shoujo (not hard to guess which one) and after that I’ll see what’s the plan 🙂


Oh yeah, this time it’s a bit something different, as the piece worked well for a bit of improvisation in the middle – hope you enjoy it!



13th Side – Kingdom Hearts Piano Collection

For the time being, one of the last uploads from the Kingdom Hearts Piano Collection. Really enjoy playing the piece and all the emotion that’s within it – more or less happy with how the rendition came out, even with a few creative liberties.

Next songs should be Beneath the Mask from Persona 5 and Wiosna from Katawa Shoujo. So far, I’m track with my monthly uploads 🙂

The sheet music is from the official sheet music, which can be bought online anywhere.


Well, I’m off to Ireland for 2 weeks – behave yourselves while I’m gone!

Poem of Everyone’s Soul – Persona 5 (Piano Version) (“Aria of the Soul”)

After multiple attempts, my friend got me to play Persona 5. As expected, I immediately fell in love with the JRPG. Still currently playing the game, just beat the fifth dungeon and waiting for the resolution to the calling card (trying to prevent spoilers).

To anybody that’s looking for a mature JRPG, I can definitely recommend Persona. It has charm, good soundtrack and actual strategic combat. It takes a while to get into full swing, but after the second dungeon when you’ve levelled up a few social links – the intricacies of the game really start showing themselves. I’m definitely enjoying it and thankful to my friend to almost forcing me to give the game a try.

In any case, I bought the “Persona 5 Piano Solo Sheet Music Book” and this was the first piece I started learning (besides “Beneath the Mask”). It can be found on the internet and imported as needed, not that expensive.

Next up is either Beneath the Mask or 13th Side (as one of the last KH covers). Time will tell which one happens first, but look forward to the next video!

Quick question, is “Aria of the Soul” Persona’s “Dearly Beloved” or is that just me? Just me? Okay.