Dark Souls – Gwyn, Lord of Cinder Piano Duet

Dark Souls… how I love the game.
I couldn’t get this theme out of my head after having beaten the game. Just, the whole experience. This perfectly describes Dark Souls for me, in all it’s greatness.

I mean; who’d expect this to be the theme for the game’s final boss? Seriously, this is just pure despair, trying to forget reality…

Epic boss music? Nope.

And yes, go play Dark Souls. Seriously, anybody who hasn’t tried it should take a plunge into the Dark and blacken their Souls a bit.

It’s Only a Paper Moon – Jazz Ensemble 2013/2014


I’m lazy today, so I’ll just paste the description from YouTube. Also, sorry for not being in a video for once that’s on my channel 😛

Second of Four (original five, but one video won’t be uploaded) videos from the concert on the 20th of January of our Jazz Ensemble
— “It’s Only a Paper Moon” written by Harold Arlen and published in 1933, with lyrics by E. Y. Harburg and Billy Rose; originally composed by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman. Arranged by us —
Thanks to Luzia von Wyl for all her help!

Pianist: Pascal
Cello: Jessica
Drums: Léonard
Clarinet: Kathrin
Singer: Cassandra

More videos in the coming weeks 😉

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Save the Last Dance For Me – Jazz Ensemble 2013/2014

First of more videos from the concert on the 20th of January of our Jazz Ensemble
— Save the Last Dance For Me; originally composed by Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman. Arranged by us —
Thanks to Luzia von Wyl for all her help!

Pianists from (left to right): Pascal, Brian & Laura
Cello: Jessica
Drums: Lèonard
Clarinet: Kathrin
Trumpet: Timo
Singers (from left to right): Cassandra, Alyssa & Michèle

We’ve been practicing these songs for around half a year before we had the concert. It was a bit weird for all of us at first, but we get along quite quickly and got to work ASAP to learn about Jazz and play some. I really enjoyed the time we had together

More videos in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! 😉

The Colorful Autumn Wind – Improvisation 02

Went for a walk outside today, it was quite stormy. It improved my mood though and was quite relaxing. After getting home, I felt like playing – and here we are, with that cheesy weird title 😛


Listen to this again, there’s many things I’d have done different, like NOT playing the left-hand as loud as it is and some other minor stuff, but it’s listenable. This improvising is still a work in progress, so it doesn’t have the same quality as my normal uploads… yet.
On that note, don’t ask me when the next normal upload will be, maybe I’ll do one around the end of this month – WE. SHALL. SEE.



Summer of Video Game Music – Roxas’ Theme (Sight-Reading)


this piece was played for “Summer of Video Game Music” event on N00b Pwners by Brian6330.
Request by: Mr. Whatsittoya
During the “Summer of Video Game Music”, Starrgrl and I will be uploading music, requested by members of N00b Pwners. The most will be sight-read, so don’t expect the usual quality!

This event is more for fun and to get a smile on people’s face and less on being perfect, getting views and uploading a great video. Just wanted to make that clear.

Enjoy! 😀

Ramble Ramble

Well, hello.

I’m a bit embarassed to be here, in front of all of you, without a new video. I know, I know; you all expected a new video. The way it looks, end of 2012 or early 2013 will be the beginning of new videos. Hopefully, a constant stream of new videos.

Don’t ask me what song I’ll play first as… well, I have no idea 😛

Anywho, as this post says, I guess I’ll go and ramble some.
*Thinks about a topic*

Okay, guess I’ll do that. Recently I’ve come to really like Gangnam Style.
My reaction to it?

I just find the whole thing pretty awesome. Call me weird and whatnot, but I’d rather have this be the most viewed video on YouTube than some Justin Bieber one (no offense 😉 )

To end this post, something Piano related to the content of this ramble post