Lazy Afternoons – Kingdom Hearts Field & Battle Piano Collections

A relaxing upload in these trying times. I hope you find a nice and quiet moment to enjoy this piece and take a moment to reminiscence about ‘Lazy Afternoons’.

For those wondering, the reason for the big gap between this and last upload was a surgery on my knee, as I tore a ligament. This prevented me from playing for a month and led to some priority changes. Nonetheless, I’m back in business and working on improving my playing once again.

Look forward to further uploads in this year, maybe even something classical for a change of pace!

One Summer’s Day (Encore) – Spirited Away

I’m surprised it took me this long to cover a piece from a Studio Ghibli film. Been enjoying them for years and have been meaning to play a piece from them, would’ve probably done Howl’s Moving Castle earlier, but I can’t do the piece justice yet.

Hope everybody’s starting to enjoy and appreciate the summer and if you don’t know the piece – I highly recommend checking out the movie, it’s worth a watch for any age and anybody that just enjoys good movies.

Until the next one!

Final Fantasy XIV – Oblivion (Shiva’s Theme) Piano Arrangement

All in blue for my newest upload of the lady of ice.

This was a present for my friend who adores this Primal song above all others and I can’t blame him. Found myself often humming along after practice.

My personal favorite is Thunder Rolls which is Ramuh’s Theme, but all of the raid music in FFXIV is just great

For anybody curious, I play on Louisoix server 🙂