Bad Bad Leroy Brown – Jazz Ensemble 2013/2014

And with this, we are already at the end of our concert.
It was a great time that we shared.

We’re hoping to continue it until Summer; but so far things have been difficult to organize; which means that the Ensemble may not continue as was planned.

We don’t know yet how it will all turn out; but we’re doing the best we can and hope you enjoyed our performances.


Thanks for listening guys 🙂

Skyrim Cover by Lindsey Stomp – One Voice, One Violin

Now, the video that you will (yes, not might, will) listen to below is sure to send chills down the back of any gamers listening to do this.

As you can guess by the title, it’s the Skyrim Main theme on Violin with Vocals. Let’s get something clear, the cover is made up by one man’s voice, one Violin being played and 120 tracks. Yes, 1 2 0. All of this adds up to a song, sounding even better than the original.

The video with the cover is worth watching though. It’s actually very interesting… Kinda hard to say good parts about the video about spoiling anything seen. (No spoilers for the game itself mind you.)

To those out there who don’t have Skyrim at yet. Get it. Just do eet!

Enough babbling, here’s the song:


Serenade of Water on Piano (Not the simple version that you think it is)

Hey guys!

Many of us have played the awesomeness that is The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Some of the most memorable themes from the game are the songs used to warp to the temples. This song is used to warp to the Water Temple.
Why everybody hated it? I don’t know. I loved it and found the Dark Link battle awesome. I always like a challenge in game, hence my love for Rayman and wanting Dark Souls on PC.

Oh, sorry for straying. The original Serenade of Water is a very short song. From around 20 seconds, it went to a little more than 3 minutes. This arrangement was made by Gameqber, be sure to check him out!

The song was not too hard to play. To create the effect I just put the reverb up. Difficulty of the song is pretty easy, it’s more to have the right feel than anything else.

I thank Gameqber for this awesome song and I hope you guys enjoy my rendition of it!