Lazy Afternoons – Kingdom Hearts Field & Battle Piano Collections

A relaxing upload in these trying times. I hope you find a nice and quiet moment to enjoy this piece and take a moment to reminiscence about ‘Lazy Afternoons’.

For those wondering, the reason for the big gap between this and last upload was a surgery on my knee, as I tore a ligament. This prevented me from playing for a month and led to some priority changes. Nonetheless, I’m back in business and working on improving my playing once again.

Look forward to further uploads in this year, maybe even something classical for a change of pace!

13th Side – Kingdom Hearts Piano Collection

For the time being, one of the last uploads from the Kingdom Hearts Piano Collection. Really enjoy playing the piece and all the emotion that’s within it – more or less happy with how the rendition came out, even with a few creative liberties.

Next songs should be Beneath the Mask from Persona 5 and Wiosna from Katawa Shoujo. So far, I’m track with my monthly uploads 🙂

The sheet music is from the official sheet music, which can be bought online anywhere.


Well, I’m off to Ireland for 2 weeks – behave yourselves while I’m gone!

Roxas – Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections

Most readers will know that The Other Promise is my favorite piece. Which makes it even stranger that it took me this long to upload Roxas’ Theme.

I took a surprising amount of takes for this “simple” piece, as I wasn’t happy with how it sounded quite often. My teacher used to say that the simple pieces are those in which you can really see someone’s musicality. This pretty much meant how much you’re expressing yourself in the piece; how much that you convey through the notes played. Since one isn’t as focused on the technical aspects, it should be a higher priority here and it’s what can make some simple pieces sound better than really complex ones.


On another note: the video quality suffered a bit in my opinion, but I had to adjust on the fly to Shotcut, since there’s no Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10. I’ll try to find another alternative for next video, as to me it seems as if some audio quality was lost, which to me is the most important part of these uploads.

If anyone has any recommendations, I’d love to hear them. 🙂


Hope you enjoyed the video!