Wiosna – Katawa Shoujo

It may not be Spring* now, but I had to just cover this piece at some point after loving Katawa Shoujo

* Wiosna is Polish for ‘Spring’ –  if you’re Polish, please confirm this or correct me if I’m wrong.

I remember playing this game on a recommendation from a friend. Always thought I may enjoy Visual Novels, but never actually got started on playing.
Katawa Shoujo managed to get 3 routes (read: playthroughs) out of me and every time upon starting there would be this piece.

To be honest, the rest of the music was pretty unremarkable, unlike the story which was uniquely written and quite mature for what it is. Looking back, I’d like to revisit the game again after all these years and see how much my perspective on life might have changed.

Having played Doki Doki Literature Club, I was reminded of this game and started working on the piece again.

Best girl in Katawa Shoujo is Hanako – fight me!

The next video should for once be something not from a game, but instead something a bit more traditional.


Enjoy! 🙂