Riku – Scherzo e Intermezzo – 3rd Mov. Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections on Grand Piano

Learned the piece in around 6 weeks. Not completely satisfied with the performance, but there’ll be another at some point 🙂

Hope you enjoy!

Shepard’s Lament (Schäfers Klage) on Grand Piano

Hope you’re all ready for some videos on grand piano, because the following 3 songs (the other 2 are coming) were recorded on a grand piano. The only issue, recording was done with a cellphone. So it’s a bit shaky and hazy, but nonetheless quite good.

The song is Shepard’s Lament (Schäfers Kläge), played at a recital at school.

Hope you guys enjoy the video!

Autumn Leaves – New Upload!

As most of you may have noticed, I haven’t upload a new video on YouTube since almost a year.

This was due to many reasons. No more though. Today; I have finally done the impossible uploaded a new video for your listening pleasure.

The piece is “Autumn Leaves,” composed by Joseph Kosma. It may not be Autumn anymore, but the song sounds great nonetheless.

Editing and syncing this video was pretty easy, compared to other uploads.


All rights belong to Joseph Kosma and any other respective owners.

That’s all folks! Tune in next time 🙂

Goal: Upload 2 Videos By the end of September

Hey guys, I’ve decided to set myself a deadline.

Due to not having had a Piano teacher the past few weeks,  I haven’t practiced as much new pieces. This should change soon as I will (hopefully and most likely) be having one again by the next 2 weeks ^_^
Just recently, my Piano finally arrived and I’m getting back into practice right now. It certainly is nice to be able to play again, for me – and others. (And a teacher always helps to make even more progress/correct progress)

What kind of music have I planned to upload? That, will remain a secret until published.
Just, expect some new videos on my YouTube channel in September.

Until then, listen to my “Dream Piece” and wait for more announcements. (Dream Piece, as in piece that I’m working towards to finally learn one day and play properly)

Take care guys, and keep practicing. That’s the only way to make progress, practice and a good teacher. (Possible without one, just very slow…)

Maurice Ravel РPr̩lude

Well guys, I know there’s been some delays and I’m very sorry for that.

T’was working a lot on my gaming forum/blog (will reveal at the end of this month) and that made me very tired. Hence, I wasn’t able to upload a new video for like a month. (Make that 5 weeks.)

I’m very sorry for this. Some of you may have thought that I’m dead, but I’m not. School has been very busy as well and just trying to get time in to relax doesn’t leave time for taking 10-30 takes to get a nice recording of a song.

Anywho, been practicing this song for a while now. This song was originally used for sight-reading tests of Grade 8 Piano students. I didn’t do it as a sigh-reading thing… I just played it like I normally would.

The middle part of the song (where the hands go over one-another) is the hardest. The way to learn it? Practice, practice and practice.
As we all know, practice makes perfect – it’s even been shown if you practice a task for 1’000 hours, you will get very good at it. Now, don’t forget that it isn’t all in time. If you practice for more than 2 hours, then you’re doing something wrong. After 2 hours, your mental capicity and concentration gets very low; which translates into not much progress any more. (Might even hinder progress at times.)


Enough rambling talking…
I’m sure you’re here to see the next song I uploaded. It’s a short classical piece and-

You know what?
‘Ere ya go: