Summer of Video Game Music – Roxas’ Theme (Sight-Reading)


this piece was played for “Summer of Video Game Music” event on N00b Pwners by Brian6330.
Request by: Mr. Whatsittoya
During the “Summer of Video Game Music”, Starrgrl and I will be uploading music, requested by members of N00b Pwners. The most will be sight-read, so don’t expect the usual quality!

This event is more for fun and to get a smile on people’s face and less on being perfect, getting views and uploading a great video. Just wanted to make that clear.

Enjoy! 😀

Final Fantasy I – Prelude on Piano

Speak of the Devil…

I know, that was quite fast. Since I was in the mood for recording; I thought I’d upload this, as a “why not?” kind of thing 😛

This all started with me messing around with FF X’s Prelude, which I then fiddled around with until it was as close to Final Fantasy I’s prelude without searching for the actual sheets. Final Fantasy I and II: Dawn of Souls is what got me into the Final Fantasy frenzy, but I quit at FF IV, jumped back in for half of VIII, then left and came back for FFX. Now I’m gone from FF again; don’t ask me when I’ll return. Maybe I’ll play VII once it releases on Steam, to judge if it’s really as good (or bad) as everybody says…

You know what’s sad? I took about 5 years to beat Final Fantasy 1. I didn’t know that I had to go back to the Chaos Temple after having gotten all 4 Crystals, instead I was in the “Waterfall dungeon” or whatever, with 50 floors; manage to go through all of them twice. Suffice it to say: Chaos was a huge joke 😛

Anyways, enjoy the video:

New Videos Coming Soon

Hello, this will be a short blog entry to announce some stuff.

Since I have a lot of free-time the coming weeks; I’ll do my best to upload new videos. I’m also participating in an event on a forum, called “Summer of Video Game Music”. Basically I will be site-reading sheets and recording them; no matter how good or bad.
All of the videos uploaded for the event will have a pre-fix along the lines of “Summer of Video Game Music”; so you can tell it apart 🙂
In other news, starting working on a e-book with a friend; let’s see how that goes.
Became a Game of Thrones fan and bought the Song of Ice and Fire books; half-way done.

That’s all, enjoying my life; making sure to live it to its fullest.

Here’s a video by Lindsey Stirling and Peter Hollens

OMG Edit: Upon writing this I noticed that Lindsey Stirling had a concert near me around the 8th of June, and I missed it. Checked her website often, but SOME-FREAKEN-HOW I had missed it. One of the few concerts that would finally have interested me; and I missed it. I wonder if I’ll ever have the chance for this again…