Where the Wind and Feathers Return – Radiant Historia

Hello, as you can see: another song from Radiant Historia.
This track was quite easy, so I thought “why not?”
“Where the Wind and Feathers Return” is aptly named and used quite often in the game.

I’m not 100% happy with the way it came out, but it should suffice.

Well, if you want you can make requests; and it’ll just get on top of that huge pile of “sheets to play whenever“.
So yeah, if I can find the sheet I’ll do it.

No, I won’t say what I’m working on and there may or may not be a video next week; I’ll see.


Until then!

RADIANT HISTORIA – Radiant Historia

Had a new upload on Sunday to start off yer Sundays. I’ve been tired with life, so I’ma just copy the most important part of the description from YouTube; hope you guys enjoy the song 😀


Radiant Historia…
PLAY. THIS. GAME! (If you can find it, like at all.)

Definitely enjoyed my time with it and shall be coming back to it.
It’s my 4th favorite game of… EVER.

I thank my friends for recommending me this gem 🙂

For River (Johnny’s Version) – To the Moon

Yes! ’bout time I’ve posted another cover of Video Game Music 🙂
What better track than this to kick it off?

To the Moon has a great soundtrack. It *can* be debated if it’s a video game, but it’s story is really what reels one in.

Played it about a month or two ago, was instantly hooked on this song.

I haven’t gotten much more to say, besides that I’d like to thank Steven for recommending me this great game 😀
Soo, thanks!