Ramble Ramble

Well, hello.

I’m a bit embarassed to be here, in front of all of you, without a new video. I know, I know; you all expected a new video. The way it looks, end of 2012 or early 2013 will be the beginning of new videos. Hopefully, a constant stream of new videos.

Don’t ask me what song I’ll play first as… well, I have no idea 😛

Anywho, as this post says, I guess I’ll go and ramble some.
*Thinks about a topic*

Okay, guess I’ll do that. Recently I’ve come to really like Gangnam Style.
My reaction to it?

I just find the whole thing pretty awesome. Call me weird and whatnot, but I’d rather have this be the most viewed video on YouTube than some Justin Bieber one (no offense 😉 )

To end this post, something Piano related to the content of this ramble post

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