Inception – Time – Piano Solo by Kyle Landry

Hey guys!
This week I’ll be sharing a piece played not by me, but by someone else. Most of us have heard of him, Kyle Landry.

Check out his channel for his works. He has some great renditions of well and unknown pieces. He even makes his own songs sometimes. Definetely one of the best guys on Youtube!

Enough of this great guy, time to talk about the song. The name of this song is “Time” from the Motion Picture “Inception”. The movie is and should seriously have been seen by anybody who watches movies. Leonardo DiCaprio at his best πŸ˜€

The song itself is very reminiscent of time – hence the name. Β The piece has a nice progression till the climax at around 3:20. The piece itself is one I really wanna play later on! Seems like a very moving piece to play as it is to listen to.

Here’s the piece for you to judge yourself:

The sheet music from Kyle Landry directly

20 thoughts on “Inception – Time – Piano Solo by Kyle Landry

  1. I’ve been listening to this video on repeat for days now. I’ve been looking everywhere for sheets but it seems impossible!

  2. I love this song and the way you play it. Can I buy the music sheet somewhere or is it possible for you to send it to me? I would really love top play this song.



  3. Such an amazing piece! Is there any way I could get a copy of the sheet music? Thank you πŸ™‚

  4. Could I please have a copy of this? It is so beautiful. I hope I can play it with as much emotion!

  5. It`s so beautiful! I fell in love with this piece πŸ™‚ Please, can you share this sheet music? it`s amazing!

  6. Love this. I haven’t stopped listening this in weeks. I hope to be able to play this on the piano soon also. Would you mind sending the sheet music to me as well? If so, I would greatly appreciate it. My email is

    Thanks so much!

  7. This is so frustrating because we’ll I’m in love with this song and trying to learn the solo he played for this hard. Where do I find the sheet music? I want to play the version he played not these other ones. If someone can show me or. Email me the sheets thatd be really awesome

  8. I don’t know if my comment sent, well please if someone can send me the sheet of this song by Kyle Landry it’d be the best thing in the world ! Thanks .

  9. Hey! This is a brilliant piece of music!!! I totally love it! I know there has been a lot of people asking this but I would be the happiest person on this planet if you could send me the sheet music too! πŸ™‚ Please, please, please…! For my birthday :3 My email is
    Thank you so so so much! I would really appreciate it! πŸ™‚ Sarah

  10. Hello,
    My name is Eric Bynum and I’m trying to find the transcription of Time-Inception by Kyle Landry for my grandfathers funeral. I’ve looked everywhere to find it on google but I have had no luck. If you could get back with me as soon as possible it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Eric Bynum

  11. So beautiful… Just no words just a wonderful piece of music. Can I get the sheets music too ?
    Love and thanks in advance

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