Goal: Upload 2 Videos By the end of September

Hey guys, I’ve decided to set myself a deadline.

Due to not having had a Piano teacher the past few weeks,  I haven’t practiced as much new pieces. This should change soon as I will (hopefully and most likely) be having one again by the next 2 weeks ^_^
Just recently, my Piano finally arrived and I’m getting back into practice right now. It certainly is nice to be able to play again, for me – and others. (And a teacher always helps to make even more progress/correct progress)

What kind of music have I planned to upload? That, will remain a secret until published.
Just, expect some new videos on my YouTube channel in September.

Until then, listen to my “Dream Piece” and wait for more announcements. (Dream Piece, as in piece that I’m working towards to finally learn one day and play properly)

Take care guys, and keep practicing. That’s the only way to make progress, practice and a good teacher. (Possible without one, just very slow…)

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