Minecraft OST – Calm 3 (Sweden)

I’m not dead!

I know I haven’t posted anything in a while, but I was busy with life. School restarted after holidays and they “took it up a notch”. (No pun intended.)
Also, I’ve been working on a gaming site, which has also made me tired a few times.

Wanted to upload a video last weekend, but wasn’t able to. Most likely there’ll be one up next weekend, but no promises!

Currently working on: Fi’s Lament, Gourmet Race, Dragon Roost Island (just started)… still looking for sheets for the other Minecraft songs.

Anywho, this video is an old video, Calm 3 (Sweden) from Minecraft. This isn’t the best rendition of it. I’m sure I could get a better recording if I tried and had the time, but yeah.

Please enjoy this newly posted old video 😛

For those who want the sheets, they can be found here amongst other video game sheet music!

P.S. … Just wanted to see if you’d read this.

Hal 2 – Minecraft (Piano)

Hey guys, I know I haven’t posted anything in a while… yeah. I only do new videos when I feel I have a good cover of a song. I prefer quality over quantity.

… Let’s get to the song:
The song is from Minecraft, which makes this my third Minecraft song that I’ve uploaded. Got this one from SebastianWolf/German Seabass.

The arrangements he made are really close to the originals (which weren’t on Piano) and even achieve (practically) the same sound.

This song was played for about 4 weeks (might have been more) before I uploaded the video, just to give ya some insight.

As usual, here’s the song:

Clannad – Nagisa’s Theme

today’s upload will be a song from Clannad again. This one is one of my personal favorites. It’s “Nagisa’s Theme” from, well Clannad. (Anime and Visual  Novel). As said before, anybody who hasn’t watched Clannad or played the Visual Novel yet, do eet!

This song was easy to play, but not that easy to bring the musicality in it. To anybody wanting to play this song, try it. You can’t go wrong ;D

Gnossiene 2 – Erik Satie

Happy New Year Guys! Be sure to enjoy this year as you never know…

So, let’s start the year of with some Classical music.

The song I’m sharing today is “Gnossiene 2” composed by Erik Satie. It’s a nice little song that has a very mysterious vibe to it. Whenever I play it, I always feel as if I’m in a trance.

To anybody liking this song, try to find the sheets for it. Trust me it’s a great little song.

Enough talking, let’s get to the music. Shall we?