Clannad – Existence on Piano

Hey guys, the video I’m gonna share today (that was uploaded a while ago) is Existence on Piano from the Clannad OST. It’s a nice, but sad little song.
Difficulty? Not that hard, to be honest.

If any of you readers hasn’t seen or heard of the Anime Clannad, go watch it… now!!! It’s a master-piece and one of the best Anime I’ve ever watched. Ever.
P.S. Don’t watch the movie, it’s not the same as the anime.

Enjoy ;D

2 thoughts on “Clannad – Existence on Piano

  1. Nice job 😀

    If I may say so, I think you should spread the word more about this blog. An 8 active members forum is just not going to cut it.
    Try entering a more music related forum.

    Also, it would help you a lot to do your own arrangements, particularly of songs you haven’t seen arranged before.

    Or play something hard not many people play.

    You could do “Folsense” from the Professor Layton OST.
    I have only seen two videos of it, and they’re not really high quality.
    Also seems fairly easy to play by ear.

    (Hint hint) 😉

    • Thanks for the comment!

      I could do something like that, but at the moment I’m just doing this for my own enjoyment and don’t care if a video has 50, 100 or 1,000 views. As long as people enjoy I’m happy ^_^ (Not that I wouldn’t like more views)

      Since I’m doing this next to my day-to-day life; I’ll just do a video to Youtube every two-ish weeks and use this blog to slightly advertise and also share other awesome stuff that I find.

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