Minecraft OST – Piano 2 (Wet Hands)

Hey guys,  hope you all had a Merry Christmas and already have something planned for New Year’s eve! I, myself, don’t have a lot planned. Gonna spend the evening relaxing and watching the Fire Works.

The song I’m gonna share today is Piano 2 (Wet Hands) from the Minecraft OST. I’m an avid Minecraft player myself and am glad that I have bought the game.
This nice song was composed by C418… to be honest, I really like it.

For those who want the sheets, they can be found here amongst other video game sheet music!

Christmas Special – N’s Farewell

Hey guys, Merry Christmas! 😀

Today is Christmas, the day people (should) be enjoying themselves. Well, I am, but I still found time to do this post. I’ve been working really hard on this song to be sure that it’s ready. This was a present for Jeff (Known as Natural Harmonia Gropius on a forum I go to.) It was meant for the Secret Santa thingy there.

The song I’m playing is N’s Farewell from Pokemon Black and White, which I have yet to play.
Please excuse the weird angle in the video… realized it later.
Enough rambling by me, go watch it:

Clannad – Existence on Piano

Hey guys, the video I’m gonna share today (that was uploaded a while ago) is Existence on Piano from the Clannad OST. It’s a nice, but sad little song.
Difficulty? Not that hard, to be honest.

If any of you readers hasn’t seen or heard of the Anime Clannad, go watch it… now!!! It’s a master-piece and one of the best Anime I’ve ever watched. Ever.
P.S. Don’t watch the movie, it’s not the same as the anime.

Enjoy ;D

Pirates of the Caribbean – Awesome Piano Solo of Jarrod Radnich Filmed by ThePianoGuys

Hey guys, recently I found a cool recording/video of someone playing the main theme from the Pirates of the Caribbean. The inspiring playing was filmed by the PianoGuys who have
some nice piano videos on their channel. Be sure to check ’em out.

Anyways, I’ve kept you guys waiting for long enough.
Here’s the video:

Hope you guys enjoyed and be sure to check back every few days for more blog posts!